Versailles (or Versailles Philharmonic Quintet in the US) is a symphonic power metal band formed in 2007 by Hizaki and Kamijo. They have a storyline in their music which tells the tale of the immortal Descendants of Rose, a group of elegant vampires led by Kamijo

Teru is the band's secondary guitarist and plays the role of the Prince in the band's story. He tends to wear androgynous clothes that usually show off his stomach, sholders, and legs. Teru has stated he sometimes puts heating pads in his clothes since he gets cold in them. Teru also is the band's major graphic designer, and has designed the covers of almost all their albums and singles. He is also a traditional artist and 3D modeler, check out his art on his Twitter, Art Station , and Youtube!

Hizaki is the bands lead guitarist and plays the role of the princess in the bands storyline. He almost always dresses as a woman during all band activities, wearing roccoco inspired princess dresses on stage, and ocassionally lolita fashion in his regular life. Hizaki is considered one of the greatest guitarists in the visual scene, characterized by his classical inspired guitar runs. He runs a Youtube channel where he ocassionally plays guitar, but mostly has discussions with other musicians and vlogs his time with friends.

Kamijo is the voclaist and leader of Versailles and plays the role of the Vampire Prince in the band's story. Kamijo's persona has the most lore out of all his fellow band members. He is the leader of the Descendants of Rose, vampires with eternal life. In their first single, The Revenant Choir, the band attempts to kill vampire Kamijo, but fail and end up being turning into vampires along with their vocalist. In real life, Kamijo loves french history and references it in all of his projects, Versailles and solo. His solo work features the story of a